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Inflector goes the distance – the 1300km distance to remediate lead paint and landfill

coast with lighthouse

Slate Island Coast Guard Station is located within the Slate Islands Provincial Park situated 12 km south-southwest of Terrace Bay, Ontario, along the north shore of Lake Superior. The station is overseen by Government of Canada, under the Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada (DFO), and Public Works & Government Services Canada (PWGSC).

State Island Coast Guard Station Restoration Work

The federally-owned section of the island is located approximately 1300 km from our office at the southern-most point of Patterson Island and situated on a peninsula that forms the entrance to Sunday Harbour. The Coast Guard Station is comprised of three main sites; the main base; a lighthouse; and a house on the north shore of the peninsula.

The main tasks in the project were the removal and disposal of non-friable asbestos-containing exterior building materials and debris, the remediation of lead-containing exterior building paints and three historical landfill sites in and around the station.

Access to the station was limited to boat or helicopter over Lake Superior, which has an average water temperature in August of 3-4° Celsius. Normally no one is permitted to reside on the island, however, permission was granted to our team to expedite the work. The islands are environmentally-sensitive and as such, the occupancy of the Coast Guard Station required no impact to local ecology and all materials brought in, including all forms of waste, had to be removed.



The exterior asbestos-containing materials, shingles and caulking as well as debris were abated following Type 1 work procedures and all waste secured and double bagged. The lead-containing paint was scraped away, then enclosed with an application of primer paint to protect the wood exterior. The soils around the buildings impacted by the lead containing paint had to be excavated and removed. The contaminated soils at each landfill were excavated using small excavators, bagged and then removed to the constructed containment pad. The sealed soil bags were stored until they could be airlifted onto a barge and transported to the mainland for transport to a disposal facility.

State Island Coast Guard Station Restoration Work

The project had a nine-week schedule with a provision for possible delays due to weather and remoteness.  Due to harsh weather conditions and an early snowfall in October the project fell short of completion in 2017. The balance of the project work to be completed in the Spring of 2018, when weather conditions are suitable.

Lead Paint Remediation and Removal of Contaminated Soil

Government of Canada, under the Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada (DFO), and Public Works & Government Services Canada (PWGSC)