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Mould Remediation from the Tweed Factory Project

When it Comes to Mould Remediation, Always Trust the Experts

Mould growth occurs when elevated moisture concentrations are introduced into an indoor environment where common building materials are present. If present for more than 24 to 48 hours, water damage or high humidity levels promote the rapid growth of already existing mould spores.

Most types of mould release spores and vapour into the air, causing a variety of respiratory illnesses and other health concerns. Infants, children or people with compromised immune systems may be especially susceptible to the detrimental effects caused by mould. It is crucial to have specially trained remediation professionals address mould growth to ensure the contaminant is removed safely and that your property is safeguarded for the future.

Putting the Health and Safety of Our Clients and Team Members First

For each project we take on, the protection of our clients, community and team is our top priority. Our on-site teams work closely alongside our roster of strategy and estimating teams, project management and health and safety professionals in order to ensure any and all hazards are dealt with or removed in the safest way possible.

Why Inflector?

You Can Trust in Our Process

Inflector has completed mould remediation services within many structures including homes, multi-unit residential developments, commercial, institutional, industrial, healthcare and government buildings. Our depth of expertise allows us to complete each project quickly and with minimal disruption, so our clients can breathe easier.

Trusted Expertise and Dedication

Our crews are led by seasoned professionals with decades of experience managing and executing intricate remediation projects. We are steered by a Board of Directors composed of industry experts, whose guidance promotes the growth of our team.

Nothing is Left to Chance

Working with Inflector means having the assurance that our team will not only tend to hazardous materials, like mould, found on your property, but also anticipate, assess, control and eliminate any further risks imposed by the hazards at hand.

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