UPDATE: Inflector has acquired industry experts in fireproofing, firestopping application and HAZMAT waste removal, Donalco Inc., Ontario division. We are excited for the coming together of two incredible teams. Read more about the acquisition here.

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Fireproofing & Firestopping Solutions

Since 1966, Donalco has been a leader in the construction industry, specializing in fireproofing and firestopping solutions for industrial, commercial, and institutional projects. Our seasoned professionals provide comprehensive services, including spray-applied fireproofing and intumescent coatings. From small-scale projects to large-scale endeavors, we offer quality solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Fireproofing safeguards your structure by applying materials like cementitious or intumescent coatings to prevent collapse and damage during a fire. Donalco’s expertise ensures optimal protection for steel and concrete elements during construction.

We specialize in the application of:

  • Intumescent Fireproofing: We have been applying intumescent coatings since their inception into the North American market (1989). These materials provide fire resistant ratings with a thin film paint finish to columns, beams, truss assemblies and more.
  • Fireproofing spray: High, medium and commercial density cementitious and mineral fibre fireproofing.
  • Other Products: Spray applied  Monoglass insulation and Sonoglass Acoustic spray.

Building types and application areas:

  • Commercial & Institutional: Floor framing assemblies, structural steel, beams, OWSJ, columns (HSS and W-shapes), exterior steel walls, etc.


Firestopping is a form of building protection which slows or prevents the spread of fire, smoke and harmful gases by sealing or blocking penetrations and spaces. Donalco, is recognized as a leader in Firestopping applications, and ensures high-quality installations on time and within budget.

We install various products in specific areas to maintain your buildings fire ratings:

  • Penetrations: Electrical penetrations such as conduit and cable trays, as well as pipe and mechanical openings that are through rated floors and walls.
  • Joints: Controls, sway joints curtain wall slab edge, top of rated walls or other building joints in wall or floor assemblies that need to be fire-resistance rated.
  • Materials or Products used : Components used are collars, firestop blocks, firestop intumescent sealant etc.


Why Donalco?


Donalco has completed fireproofing and firestopping services within many structures including commercial, institutional, industrial, healthcare and government buildings. Our depth of expertise allows us to complete each project quickly and with minimal disruption, so our clients can rest easy.


Our crews are led by seasoned professionals with decades of experience managing and executing fireproofing and firestopping projects. We are steered by the Inflector Board of Directors composed of industry experts, whose guidance promotes the growth of our team.

We are industry leaders

Each project is unique, having its own complexities and obstacles to overcome, which is why we know how to embrace the challenges of the job that can change without warning. Our dynamic team works hard to develop innovative solutions for each and every job we are awarded.


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