UPDATE: Inflector has acquired industry experts in fireproofing, firestopping application and HAZMAT waste removal, Donalco Inc., Ontario division. We are excited for the coming together of two incredible teams. Read more about the acquisition here.

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Inflector Achieves COR Certification Across All Operational Provinces

Inflector Achieves COR Certification Across All Operational Provinces

January 22, 2024. Ottawa, ON –

Inflector is proud to announce the successful achievement of COR™ (Certificate of Recognition) certification in Ontario, marking a significant milestone. This accomplishment highlights that Inflector has been granted COR certification in each province where its’ facilities are located.

COR certification is a rigorous process involving a comprehensive assessment of health and safety management systems, policies, and procedures. By achieving this certification, Inflector has demonstrated compliance with industry best practices and various provincial safety regulations. This milestone reflects the company’s unwavering dedication to prioritizing the well-being of the Inflector team and industry partners.

Xavier Cifuentes, Inflector’s VP of Health and Safety, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This achievement reinforces our reputation as a trusted and responsible employer, opening new doors for business opportunities and partnerships. As we move forward, safety will remain at the forefront of everything we do. This certification is not just a recognition of our efforts; it is a commitment to continuous improvement in health and safety.”

The impact of COR certification goes beyond internal enhancements; it positions Inflector as an industry leader with superior health and safety practices. A recent study conducted by the University of British Columbia’s School of Population and Public Health confirms the significant benefits of COR certification.

Inflector looks forward to this milestone contributing to a safer workplace and furthering the company’s positive impact in the industry. The study, focused on Ontario construction companies, revealed that COR-certified firms experienced a 28% lower lost-time injury rate and a 20% lower high-impact injury rate compared to their non-COR counterparts.

Inflector looks forward to this milestone contributing to a safer workplace and furthering the company’s positive impact in the industry. With offices based in Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland, and projects spanning coast to coast, our commitment to COR certification resonates across Canada. As we continue to grow and embark on diverse abatement, remediation, demolition and fireproofing projects nationwide, our COR accreditation positions us as a reliable contractor. Inflector is poised to set new benchmarks for safety excellence, fostering a culture of well-being that extends beyond our teams to positively impact every community and project we engage with.

To learn more about the study visit https://www.ihsa.ca/pdfs/cor/cor-evaluation-announcement-2022.pdf

About Inflector Environmental Services: Inflector Environmental Services is a leading environmental contracting company with a commitment to excellence and innovation. Dedicated to providing high quality solutions across Canada, Inflector offers expert services in all facets of hazardous materials remediation and demolition. From asbestos and lead abatement, mould remediation, soil and site remediation, fireproofing and firestopping to demolition and emergency response, Inflector thrives at completing the hard jobs with the company motto at the forefront of all that we do: jobs done safe, jobs done right. For more information, please visit www.inflector.ca

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