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Inflector Environmental Services – Safely Demolishing St. John’s Hazardous Asbestos Filled Eyesore

Old abandoned building with black safety fence around it

Inflector Environmental Services – Safely Demolishing St. John’s Hazardous Asbestos Filled Eyesore

St. John’s, NL DECEMBER 4th, 2023

Exploring the Past

Join CBC reporter, Zach Goudie, on an exclusive tour through the corridors of St. John’s notorious eyesore, the abandoned Grace Hospital nurses’ residence, which resembles the setting of a horror film. Built in the 1960s and left abandoned in the 2000’s, this aging structure is not just a community relic; it’s a hazardous time capsule filled with asbestos, rendering it unsafe for conventional demolition. Donning a hazmat suit and respirator as his armor, Goudie ventures in unraveling the hidden hazards within the dilapidated walls.

Extensive Remediation

Inside the the old structure, asbestos lurks in every nook and cranny—from the ceiling to floor. To pave the way for a safe and controlled demolition, extensive remediation is needed. Remediation refers to the process of removing hazardous material under controlled conditions, something that Inflector knows a thing or two about! Discover the steps we’re taking to ensure a safe and successful demolition in the new year.

Watch the CBC Video: Journey Through The Grace Hospital Nurses’ Residence Remediation

For an immersive experience into the eerie ambiance of Grace Hospital nurses’ residence and a closer look at Inflectors’ pivotal role, watch the full CBC video here. Uncover the challenges, and the detailed process involved in safely dismantling a piece of history tainted by asbestos.


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