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Lester B Pearson: Tower D

Project Type:

Asbestos & Lead Removal, Demolition Services


Located on a secure federal site, Inflector’s scope of work was to remove all hazardous materials from the building, which was found within a range of construction materials including drywall, insulation and steel. Once abatement was complete, we executed the interior demolition to allow for the upcoming building modernization and new construction. Inflector’s team recycled 95% of waste materials from this project, keeping sustainability at the forefront.

TTC underground

Toronto Transit Commission: North York Centre

The TTC North York Centre subway station contained fireproofing materials once used in construction that
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Caution sign warning of RotaVirus

Emergency Rotavirus Clean Up & Decontamination

Christy Lake Camp for kids contacted Inflector’s emergency response team directly, immediately after Public Health
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Government Conference Centre - Outside

Government Conference Centre

This project was completed within six months and required the removal of 3,500 tons of
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